Midd Delivers

beat the mail center trudge


We get it.

Students at Midd are busy.

Between the classes, papers, readings, labs, athletics, clubs, and (hopefully) sleep, free time is hard to find. When a Midd Kid finds that free time, they want to spend it doing something worthwhile.

Unfortunately, due to the Mail Center's early closing time and distance from most student housing, a trip to pick up mail can eat away at precious free time, especially during the winter when the walk is covered in snow and ice.


What's the Solution?

Midd Delivers.

A simple, hassle-free, and most importantly safe answer to the problem of the mail center trudge. By subscribing to Midd Delivers, getting packages is as simple as forwarding the "Package Arrived!" email to us, and telling us where you'd like it taken.  Email us by 12pm and our delivery personnel will pick up the package and bring it to you same day.